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ALERT Your Employees: They May be Underpaying Federal Income Tax

Here is a timely item from the current, September 2009, issue of our member monthly newsletter, The General Ledger…..

Because of the new withholding tables under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, some employees might want to adjust their 2009 FITW by submitting a new W-4 now. The Act reduced FITW to reflect the Make Work Pay tax credit. But for some employees, that adjustment may result in paying less than the required 90% of FIT by Dec. 31, 2009, which may lead to penalties.

Employees most likely to have too little withheld under the new tables are: · Two-earner married couples; · Individuals with more than one job; · A dependent on another’s tax return (they are not eligible for the credit, but you will withhold as though they were); · Those receiving a pension; and · Individuals also receiving Economic Recovery Payments (they are not eligible for the credit, but you will withhold as though they were.

AIPB Tip: Provide employees with a copy of the “Notice to Employees” on page 73 of IRS Pub. 15-T, at and/or direct employees to the IRS Withholding Calculator on its Web site (type “withholding calculator” in the IRS search box), now updated to reflect the new withholding.

Call ATD Solutions if you have any questions, 877-ATD-QB41. Locations in Michigan, Kentucky, Florida, and South Carolina.

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